What are bitless bridles?

Quite simply bitless bridles are bridles which do not have a mouthpiece for the horse. They have been used for hundreds of years but until recently there were very few designs available and they tended to be used solely on horses who had mouth problems which prevented the use of a bit.

The growth in number of designs and the popularity of bitless bridles have been alongside the growth in interest in natural horsemanship. As people are seeking different ways of keeping and training their horses bitless bridles have been a part of it.

Without a bit in the mouth bitless bridles employ various different ways to apply pressure to the horses head and neck. From a very simple cue behind the jaw to very strong pressure to the jaw, head and poll. Having many different types of bridles available means that there is something to suit all horses but it can make it confusing when deciding what would be the best for your horse. Look at which types of bridle are available.

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